In Captivity

In Captivity_001.jpg

Exclusive outfit- irrISIStible : KOI KOI MERMAID OUTFIT + HAIRS + 3 COLORS


I don’t normally devote an entire blog photo to a single store but Isis Spy the creator of IrISIStable deserves this.. I don’t normally do mermaids.. or fishy anything i’ve thought about it but then often decided perhaps it was to girlie for me.. but Isis and her brilliant and wonderful imagination has done it yet again.. she has weaved her magic and imagination into something absolutely amazing.. the Koi Mermaid fantasy outfit is stunning.. comes in four different beautiful colors and I have found is compatable with multiple windlight settings.. it also comes with a hairstyle that I didn’t feature here but is still beautiful none the less.. As always when opening up Isis’s blog packages it’s like opening a challenge waiting to happen and then I brainstorm what to do with the items.. she always keeps me on my toes and I absolutely love her creations.. for those gal’s who are into mermaids and fantasy based creatures this is definitely a must have for your collection.. go to swank and pick it up before the end of the event!


Swank event-


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